Upland Sandpiper


Vendor: Montana Cabin Art

Please note that if you choose 'Canvas' for your material, the chosen size is from before it is stretched over a frame. Actual dimensions will be about 3" shorter.

The Upland Sandpiper is a large sandpiper, closely related to the curlew. An adult is roughly 12" long with a 26" wingspan. The average weight is 6 oz. This odd bird has a small dove-like head on a long neck. It is heavily marbled black and brown on the back and wings. The neck is streaked with dark brown which continues down to the breast and on to the flanks. The belly and under-tail coverts are white. The tail is quite long for a sandpiper. The Upland also sports a white eye ring and long yellow legs. Even though they are sandpipers, they do not need the water. They prefer open country with tall grasses.